She’s nice

Well, it’s official. My Crazy Manager has lost her mind.

Overheard her say this earlier, “I’m very nice some people just bring the worst out of me!”

Well, that’s a whole lot of fucked up. A manager that lets her worst take over!

FYI – if your best is calling people fat and instilling fear an insults you’re not really nice!

She’s nice

Elizabetcetera’s Story

Once upon a time I worked at Abominable’s Pizza (not the real name, of course). Every day I came into work the manager would say, “Elizabetcetera (not my real name either) you can take off your mask, it’s NOT Hallowe’en!”
I never knew what to say. I was just 17 years old at the time. He laughed heartily with his phlegmy guffaw, big walrus mustache while flashing his cigarette-smoke stained teeth. Ugh. 😦

Today I would have much more to say and nip this inappropriate comment in the bud. I would put the kibosh on it pronto. But alas, I was a wee lass and my verbal techniques were limited.

But wait, it gets worse, when I would stand next to him (not fun) while making a pizza (fun) he would talk about how he would sex up his wife like a dog-cow. This was so awful … he would talk about the doing it doggy style while he grabbed her udders. This was the worst. I just tried to focus on the pizza and this mid-40-something dude would go on and on. He thought he was so funny.

It gets better … every night while we closed he would polish off a pint of vodka and when he spiced it up he added in peppermint schnapps, all while smoking. I never cleaned a place so fast in my life to get out of there. THAT was the worst boss in my entire life and makes any other mediocre boss I’ve had look like awesome sauce.

So there you go … does YOUR boss look a little bit better now in comparison to this guy?

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Also, If anybody else has a crazy boss, let me know and I’ll post it on the blog!!!

Elizabetcetera’s Story

Time Sheet

At work we are treated like babies. We have to sign in and out so the Crazy Manager could keep tabs on us.

One day, I forgot to sign out. No big deal, right? Wrong. Very big deal. They don’t care about your work, but signing out is a must!

The next day my supervisor walked up to me and whispered, “They texted me last night saying you didn’t sign out. Just letting you know.”

These maniacs are so crazy they actually texted somebody I didn’t sign out. I mean come on. If it’s that big of a problem just talk to me about it the next day. I promise the world will not end if somebody forgets to sign out!!


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What we don’t get

Time Sheet

I don’t know what you do!

Recently, I had my 6 month review with my Crazy Manager. Here is a nugget from all that she said in the review.

Crazy Manager – Appearance is everything because honestly I don’t know what you actually do here!

Yes. You read that right. She cares more about what somebody looks like because she has no clue what goes on. What a manager! Really on top of things!

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I don’t know what you do!

Vacation Time

My Crazy Manager is a bitch. Everybody that reads these blogs knows that and luckily she continues to live up to that status.

Yesterday she was explaining to me how vacation works. How you can’t go on one if you directly report to is too. Duh!

She also said I can’t go on holidays. Of course I have one planned for Labor Day. So I said to her, “Come on, cut me some slack!”

she goes, “oh I’ll cut ya some slack. There tons of people who would like your job.”

Actually, no there isn’t because your the manager. People avoid this department like it has the plague.

Then as I’m leaving she says, “You can have off Christmas!”

I say, “I’m Jewish. I want to work that day!” And she goes “too bad your off!”

You know what. Fine. So I’ll just take off Labor Day to piss her off and take my week vacation the NEXT WEEK. I win!

Vacation Time